My Garden

stables garden Five years before this photo was taken this same spot was a heap of brick and stone rubble, mixed with clay and sand, and topped with brambles and very long grass. I had just moved into a bungalow which before its conversion had been a stable for cows. Opposite had been another stable building for horses, and it was the rubble from that demolished stable building which was to become my garden.

stables cherry tree

unmistakably The clay, of which there was a lot, had to be broken up and mixed with peat, compost or top soil. Many wheel barrow loads of stones and broken bricks were moved. Whole bricks were reused. Large rocks were found and added to the garden landscape. Established brambles were pursued to the end of their roots, however deep, and whatever disruption caused. The areas which were to become lawns were dug up to a depth of about 8 inches, with all the earth being sieved and mixed with peat – there really was a high percentage of clay. But eventually my vision of a garden became a reality.

buy stromectol 3 mg My last planting was of a cherry tree. Three days later I received a letter instructing me to vacate as my landlady wanted to sell. Here it is with leaves turning colour as autumn approached.

stables cherry tree

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