Worsley Old Hall Stables

Worsley Old Hall Stables 1996

Here’s the story of how I came to take some photos of Worsley Old Hall Stables in 1996. Earlier that year my brother helped me in getting my first computer together with scanner and A3 mono laser printer. Those were the days of windows 3.1. And so, equipped with an early version of photoshop, v3.0 I think, and serif pageplus, I began many hours of learning. It was a steep, yet rewarding learning curve.

By the September I’d learned enough to know how to scan in some drawings of mine, optimise them for printing, then use them to create a calendar. The pen drawings were scanned in as 600dpi bitmaps and saved as tiff files. So, 1996 became the year of my first calendar illustrated with 12 pen drawings, and in the following year I produced 12 pencil drawings for my second calendar. The calendars were sold in various shop outlets in Walkden, Worsley and Salford, and were very popular. Both sets of drawings can be seen on the Drawings page.

I remember taking my camera to Worsley Old Hall, hoping to take some photographs. This was just before the Old Hall had been bought by Marriotts and develped into the Hotel & Country Club. On the day I visited, the Hall itself stood empty except for a security man who patrolled the grounds. He saw me wandering and I explained why I was there.

Worsley Old Hall Stables

As well as allowing me to take photographs, he was kind enough to walk me to where the old farm stables were, which I found fascinating. Below are some of those photos.

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