Stephen Darlington

Hi, my name is Stephen Darlington, and this website is about some of the things I enjoy doing, my drawings, paintings, pottery and piano playing. It’s also about some of the places I’ve been, photos I’ve taken and an opportunity for me to share some of the things I’ve learned.

But more than all these things, this site is especially about the goodness and faithfulness of an amazing God who continues to touch my life with his love and overflowing generosity, and about the beauty of his transforming, tangible presence, that is able to impart healing, faith and restoration to a believing soul.



Challah bread

Challah is the name given to the Jewish bread, made with eggs and sometimes honey, eaten on the Sabbath and major Jewish holidays (except Passover). The word challah (Hebrew חלה) acurately refers to a small portion of the bread dough separated as a firstfruits offering to God by giving it to the temple priests (kohanim). …