Hello and welcome.


Welcome to my personal website. I grew up in Worsley, formerly in Lancashire, and moved to the Wirral in 1983 to teach art and pottery. Since 1998 I have lived on the Isle of Wight, which has its own Worsley connections. For much of my time on the island I have worked in graphic and web design, and although I still do a little of this, I have now chosen to concentrate on producing paintings and making pots (see my website steviedpottery.co.uk. I also very much enjoy my piano playing, and practice most days. At my previous home I created a garden out of an overgrown mound of rubble, but now am limited to a few potted plants at the front of my home. Two Sundays each month I lead worship at a Christian fellowship, and sometimes play my Kawai ES7 keyboard for Christian Soaking sessions.